Amethyst Crystal Angel pendant & SP chain


Healing Amethyst Crystal Angel pendant with SP fittings and 18" SP chain - Protection, Intuition, Psychic Gifts

Angel 3cms high

Comes to you Reiki Cleansed and Charged and in a drawstring pouch

Amethyst  is one of the most protective and spiritual stones:I can protect against psychic attack, It opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts. It also heightens your concentration, helping you to feel less scattered, and therefore more grounded and motivated and able to set goals. It is also said to stimulate inspiration, enhance the memory, dispels anger. fear, rage and anxiety.It is said to aid restful sleep (if you put it under your pillow at night), and to have pain-relieving qualities, it is an excellent cleanser of the blood and can help to overcome addictions, and strengthen the imune system. It is associated with the Throat and Crown Chakras.


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