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What Is Reiki by Jonathon Hardcastle

Reiki is the practice of using one's hands to direct and channel the energies, or Ki, of the body , thereby healing the patient. Most schools of Reiki teach that energy has an intelligence of its own and that once it is channeled will automatically work on the part of the body that needs it most.

Reiki was founded in the early 1900s by a Buddhist, Mikao Usui, who, after a long period of fasting and meditation, claimed to hear voices revealing "the keys to healing." Usui then trained several disciples and the practice spread throughout Japan. Heightened interest among Americans in alternative health practices led to the spread of Reiki in the United States in the latter part of the twentieth century.

A typical Reiki session involves the patient lying down on a table or bed and the Reiki practitioner moving his or her hands over or on the body. The patient may feel sensations such as cold, heat or tingling, or they may feel nothing. Reiki practitioners attribute any sensations to the movement of energy through the body. Some practitioners charge for their services and others don't.

Reiki is controversial because there is no governing body that standardizes training and practice and licenses practitioners. There are several different "schools" of Reiki, each teaching slightly different methods and practices. There are Wiccan, Celtic and Tibetan flavors of Reiki, and even one that was developed in the American Southwest. In the most traditional school of Reiki, students must complete three courses before they can become Masters and initiate and train other students. This has led to the rise of internet-based distance courses in Reiki, some of which claim they can train a student in just three days.

Most conventional health practitioners question the efficacy of Reiki. They point out that research does not indicate that it is beneficial and fear that patients with serious diseases will seek Reiki treatment over other, more proven, treatments. However, some have seen some benefit in including Reiki treatments along with more conventional medicine.

Reiki has often been compared to the faith healing or laying on of hands practiced in some Christian churches. Some Reiki practitioners prefer the term "spiritual healing" because the patient does not have to believe in any doctrine for the treatment to work. In fact, they claim that the patient does not have to believe the treatment itself will work in order for it to be effective.

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Music Therapy: The Healing Power Of Music by John McIntosh

 We’ve long known that music can soothe the savage beast, but we now know that it also helps heal the ravaged body. When people who are ill are surrounded by the healing arts such as music—as well as painting, architecture and theater—they feel less pain and recover more quickly.

Anecdotal evidence from doctors and patients about these benefits is nothing new, but recently the palliative effects of exposure to art during recovery have been carefully studied. As a result, more and more medical schools and hospitals consider engagement with art to be an essential component of proper patient care. In fact, according to a survey by the Society for the Arts in Healthcare, more than 2,500 hospitals invest in arts programming. Of these, 95 percent use the arts to serve their patients, 79 percent use the arts to help create a healing environment, 79 percent employ arts coordinators, and 50 percent partner with community arts agencies.

“There’s very good evidence that engaging patients in art and music is one way to make the burden of illness and periods of care more tolerable,” says Harry Jacobson, M.D., a nephrologist and vice chancellor for health affairs at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which brings many forms of art to patients’ bedsides.

Making Music

Neurologist Mark Jude Tramo, M.D., Ph.D., director of Harvard’s Institute for Music and Brain Science in Boston and a faculty member of the university’s Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative, explains: “We believe music can cause neurochemical changes in specific parts of the brain that are related to the body’s feel-good systems—for example, in pain-modulating neurotransmitters. In addition, music’s auditory stimulation of the brain may cause cells to release endorphins, which suppress pain, and immunoglobulins, which help fight disease.”

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland report that patients with abdominal surgery experience greater pain relief when they are given a dose of music along with pain relievers. And Cleveland Clinic researchers write in the Journal of Advanced Nursing that long-term pain sufferers (including people with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis) experience significant pain relief from listening to music of their own choice one hour every day for a week. People in the music-listening groups also report 19 to 25 percent less depression compared to the control group. “Our results show that listening to music has a significant effect on reducing pain, depression and disability, and on increasing feelings of power,” says lead researcher Sandra Siedlecki.

Case in Point

Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville leads the pack when it comes to integrating the healing arts into the patient-care environment. Donna Glassford, director of Cultural Enrichment there, brings the arts into the complex’s four hospitals. She oversees the Musicians in Residence program and is working with Musicians on Call, a nonprofit organization that trains guides to take musicians through hospitals. Together they will expand the Vanderbilt program: “They are going to help us bring more and different types of music into the hospitals and help us to tap into Nashville’s music-rich community,” Glassford says.

She currently employs harpist Betty Ashton Andrews, who performs in the lobby of the adult hospital three days a week. “It brings a calm to any environment,” says Glassford. “For example, she plays in the cancer center lobby, where people wait for chemo. This allays some of the tension. In the neonatal ward, the music soothes infants and lowers their blood pressure. “There’s also a program called Room Service,” she adds. “We provide bedside concerts in a variety of styles for patients who want them.”

When it comes to healing, music may be just what the doctor ordered.

Writer: John Mcintosh
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The Secrets To Healing From Within by Brenda Shoshanna

 Modern medicine is based upon the notion of battle. We battle germs and fight for life.  As soon as we feel pain or discomfort, we immediately try to stop it from happening, look for some way to soothe what we are going through.  We feel we must change our illness or problems, overpower them with our expertise. But this leads to a never ending battle, after one problem is conquered, another arises.

Healing from within brings inner peace with it. It arises in a different way. We are taught to stop, pay attention and respect all that comes to us. We do not view pain as bad, as something that must be removed at any cost. Pain arises from lack of balance and brings many messages along with it. When we see our pain as a messenger and learn how to listen to it, healing begins in all kinds of ways.

The first step in healing from within is to see pain as an ally, to learn how to "dialogue" with it. At first this requires a complete turn around. Instead of tensing up and gearing for battle, we learn how to pause and understand there is a lesson that we have to learn. When we do this we find the pain or problem often comes holding a gift in its hands.

Illness often comes when we feel defeated. We may not wish to struggle anymore. Some people become ill when they are overly exhausted. The illness is the only way they can give themselves permission to stop, rest, and make much needed changes in their lives. Each illness has it's own story.

When someone is in physical pain and suddenly understands what is troubling them, the physical pain often subsides. For full healing to take place it may be important to make changes in one's total life. During illness the body is rebelling. It is demanding that we pay attention to all that has been unattended. We may have been pushing ourselves for too long. Now our body is fed up. Stop and listen to me, it pleads. When we learn how to listen and how to reply, an entirely new life begins. Then pain and illness become an opportunity for vital change.

Learning To Listen

We usually listen only to part of ourselves. The rest is rejected. But no matter what we are rejecting, soon or later we must come up against it and face it straight on. Rejecting something over and over never makes it go away. It comes back to you then over and over just to be accepted.. Everything needs to be loved and accepted, including our illness and pain. The best way is to make friends with the pain. If we can relax into it and explore it, many possibilities arise. When we let go, and allow ourselves to listen to what the pain is saying to us. Incredible changes can happen then.

To do this, simply close your eyes, stop fighting, and ask the pain what it is saying to you, what does it need from you right now? Then become very quiet and listen deeply. An answer may not come right away. Patience is needed.        Answers come in different ways. Some hear answers within. Others see images, some have dreams. Some sense a new way to deal with the illness. A true exploration begins.

Exercise: Making Friends with the Pain

Look at your illness.  Picture it and give it some kind of shape. What does it look like to you? Describe or draw it. What is this image saying to you about yourself and the life you are leading?

Next, ask the image any questions you may have and let it answer you. (Ask what it wants from you and what it would need to go away). See if you can give it what it needs.

This attitude is called making friends with the pain. When we do this ee become better able to understanding what the true causes are. For example, if we feel that life is meaningless, our bodies can start to express this by shriveling up and dying. If we have held onto difficult attitudes, our bodies will bear the burden of them. Persistent negative attitudes become wounds upon our entire selves.

Our attitudes are messages we give our body. Once we begin the crucial work of taking responsibility for and changing our attitudes, our entire body can begin to experience on-going ease instead of dis-ease. We must look at the basic attitudes we live with and ask ourselves if they are conducive to our health, or do they contain the very seeds of pain?

In order to heal from within, it is essential to change negative attitudes and patterns, to those that are positive and produce well-being.  Health comes with learning to say "yes" to all of our experience.  Wellness emerges out of the balance and harmony of all parts of ourselves. When we are well, we feel  accepting and in harmony with ourselves and the entire world. This state of being brings  refreshment and healing day by day.

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Chakra Balancing by Donald Jones

 Chakra reconciliation is founded on the ancient Amerind impression in a series of 7 chakras, or vigor centers. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. These vigour centers ar believed to be placed at particular points between the pedestal of the spinal column and the circus tent of the skull. Some esoteric systems include additional chakras, said to extend beyond the tangible consistency into the human auric field. Each chakra is believed to relate to particular organs of the consistence, ailments, colors, elements, and emotions. However, different systems or sources that use the idea of chakras whitethorn disagree about the details.

The conception of chakras plays a key role in two ancient Amerindian language healing systems (ayurvedic medicine and yoga) that popular today. In recent decades, however, many modern therapies (like polarity therapy , therapeutic touch , process acupressure, core energetics, and semblance therapy ) rich person besides incorporated the idea of chakras into their own visions of healing. Various approaches English hawthorn be used to "balance" the chakras. Chakra is believed to promote wellness by maximising the stream of vim in the organic structure, much as a tune-up enables a car to operate on at peak efficiency. Chakras part of the ancient feeling arrangement connected with yoga.

These traditions were handed down orally for thousands of years before being codified by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, several centuries before Christ. The ancient healing science of Ayurveda is on a collection of scriptures known as vedas (a Sanskrit word meaning knowledge or wisdom). Ayurveda literally means "life knowledge." It remained the predominant form of care in India until the British colonial government tried to suppress it during the nineteenth century. Over the last half-century, however, a modernized form of has gained considerable popularity in India.

More recently, traditional has been popularized in the West by such high-profile advocates as Deepak Chopra. Balancing the chakras is believed to promote general and well-being by ensuring the free flowing of life push (too known as prana or qi) throughout the physical structure. It is believed that blockages in the current of this vital get-up-and-go will eventually result in mental, emotional, and/or touchable illness. By removing such blockages and Department of Energy menstruation, practitioners said to enable dead body, mind, and spirit to function optimally. Some alternative practitioners, such as medical intuitives, say they can "read" a patient's chakras to detect imbalances and diagnose problems.

This is likewise sometimes done using a pendulum. Just as the various forms of yoga attempt to mediate between the forcible and Negro spiritual realms, so the chakras believed to manoeuver as Energy Department transformers. They often shown as circles, spaced at intervals along the vertebral column, or sometimes as funnels of Energy. Specific chants or sounds with the different chakras used in some yogic meditation practices as tools for healing and apparitional evolution. Each of the VII chakras is said to wealthy person physiological and metaphysical functions that relate to both the nature of the blockages and to the active problems they produce.

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What is Spirit by Shirley Marotta

 When you ask the question what is Spirit?  You open the door to many interpretations.  I am giving here my understanding (from my reading and exploration) of what Spirit is to me.

Spirit is the unseen force within all people and within all worldly things.  Spirit is the driving force behind all creation.  Spirit is the core of your being that knows everything.  It is the energy that propels things into manifestation.  It is that voice inside that tells you when things feel right or wrong.

Spiritual Connection
When you are in the quiet of meditation you are bridging the gap between the ego, that goes about taking care of everyday life events, and your true Spirit within. This Spirit is the core of your being the energy that supports your life.  Letting go of outside distractions allows you to touch your Spiritual core.

Have you ever been so involved in a project you love doing that time passed without notice, everything just flowed as it should, and all the pieces fell into place with ease?  Your inner Spirit was guiding you, because you let go of everything around you and focused on the task.  Spirit is that place inside you that gives you the inspiration and love for that task because it is right for you, it is what you were meant to do.

So when you ask what is Spirit?  I say to you it is your center, the core of your being that knows all you need to know to live a happy fulfilling life.  This is not to say that you will never experience ups and downs in your life. Being in touch with your Spiritual center will help you to deal with stressful situations, because you will be approaching it from the calm of your Spiritual center.  Answer the question for yourself, what is Spirit? Explore the meaning for yourself, read, learn, seek out Spiritual teachers.  You will touch the core of your being and begin the journey to Spiritual awakening then handling life's challenges will be easier. 

Spiritual Living
Incorporate into your life those things that you enjoy that make you feel good about yourself and at the same time you are honoring your Spirit.  Be aware that every living being has the same inner Spirit and try to see that in them as well. 

Everyone has a Spirit within, everyone is dealing with different life situations that contribute to their outlook on life.  They may not seem like Spiritual beings at times but it is there and if you can recognize that small spark in all things you will be the better for it.  When you honor Spirit in others and in the world around you, you honor your Spirit as well.  We are all one with the universal energy that is the one Divine Spirit that created our world and everything in it.

Open your mind and heart, learn and listen to the voice of the Spirit within.  You come from Spirit and you are connected to the Divine Spirit that created this Universe and all that is in it.  Because you are from this one true Spirit you share in its power and abundance if you recognize it and nurture that part of yourself. 

Be kind to yourself and trust that inner voice, always think and act from a place of love and kindness.  Every act of kindness will open your heart more and more.  With an open heart you will hear the voice of  Spirit, you will change your life for the better. 

Whether you realize it or not every positive thought and act stems from your Spiritual center (that inner voice) and you are planting the seeds of positive change in the consciousness of the entire world.  So ask yourself what is Spirit? And live your best life now.


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The Family and Reiki by Samantha Hall

 Reiki can be shared as a family. When thought of it this way, it would increase for you and makes you whole. Reiki can be shared not just with the rest of the members of your family but to others that are close to your heart.

Oftentimes, Reiki teachers and masters have families that don’t fully understand what Reiki really means and what it can do. But even so, if the members of your family are willing to support each other then eventually, Reiki will be theirs too. Family members who are willing to share in the beauty and power of Reiki can become open receivers of the gift. Spiritually speaking, Reiki can make any family grow stronger and more united not only in blood but in mind, heart, and soul as well.

Having a family that practices Reiki together is a blessing. In fact, the children are the more qualified receiver of this gift because of the purity of their mind and spirit. They can feel the energy going in and out of their system. By practicing Reiki together as a family, you can scan each other, determine which parts are in need, and provide the necessary healing for it.
Inside a family, injuries and illnesses come and go. If everybody else knows how to channel Reiki, injured person will feel relieved fast. This is because of the fact that Reiki can be given to the injured by any family member who is immediately available. And if everybody in the family happens to be available, then everyone can join in and give Reiki to the one who needed it most. As such, his or her illness and injury will heal faster.
Distant Reiki can also be sent over to children every time they’re in school. This is especially helpful during crucial examination days. Reiki can be used to give a person a clear mind and a relaxed body. And these are conducive to fairing better in class and in academic tests.

Reiki can also be used to patch up relationship. In a family, sibling rivalries do happen. If the parents only know how to send Reiki to their children, problems like these become petty. And the naturally healthy relationship of their children will be restored in no time.

Reiki can also strengthen the mind and the soul. Death may strike a family at any time. As such, the role of Reiki in making family members emotionally and mentally strong during these trying times is crucial. If you let Reiki to flow into your system in times like these, death becomes a lot easier to bear.

Reiki can be sent to any family member suffering from sickness or to anybody else who is in distress. A few minutes of your time is all you need. Stop what you’re doing and together with another Reiki practitioner, invoke on the distant symbol for healing. Think of the recipient of the energy and just let Reiki flow through him. Ask for the best outcome and the power of Reiki will do the rest.
Reiki can be used to protect the safety of a family member who is traveling. It can give good luck to somebody who is going in for a job interview. It can serve as a token of gratitude given to another who has done good deeds to you. Needless to say, Reiki can make your family share something special and something very powerful.

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Prosperity and Reiki by Samantha Hall

 Usui Sensei, the recognized founder of Usui Reiki once said, “Just for today, do not worry. Be filled with gratitude.” There are reasons why the great Reiki teacher uttered such words. And it’s primarily because he knows how much power your thoughts and statements have on you.

If you tend to worry about a lot of things such as your job, money, health, and everything else in between, negative energy will flow into your body. The positive, mind enriching ones will be cast away to your disadvantage.

Everything that happens to a person occurs in his mind first and foremost. When you dream, you think hard about it. You imagine what it feels like when you finally made that dream come true. If you don’t think much of that dream, then it ceases to be one. It stops to become your desire and it will never come true any more.

So if you allow your thoughts to be filled with worries and fears, then it would eventually manifest in your life. As a Reiki practitioner, you can heal yourself from such negative thoughts and attract positive forces such as prosperity instead. Why worry about tomorrow’s finances if you can think about prosperity and abundance today?

Your goal is the same anyway – to provide everything you might need to live a comfortable life in the future. But your method of going about it becomes different. By using Reiki’s positive energy, try to envision yourself as a powerful and successful man. And then do everything that you have to in order to make that happen. Don’t make negative thoughts of hunger and being homeless or penniless become your motivation to work hard.
Being attuned to Reiki, you have the power to empower your thoughts. And this is very important in prosperity consciousness. Unite your heart and mind. Transmute your words into light. If you do all these, then your positive thoughts will become as strong as your actions.

Abundance and prosperity means different things to different people. Try to imagine what these elements mean to you. Some people associate prosperity with money. Others say that there is abundance in their life if they are surrounded with many possessions. However, prosperity and abundance may also mean riches in terms of loving relationships and spiritual success. You can be rich and prosperous devoid of all the material things in this world.

Analyze yourself. Write down everything that would describe abundance and prosperity for you. After making your list, tune in to the words that you have written down. Go from one word to another. Use Reiki symbols along with the words and connect to your consciousness. See how your thoughts and emotions respond to every word.

It is possible to attract all the riches of this world if your mind and spirit are attuned to it. Keep in mind that all material things, feelings, and emotions are simple energies. And with the use of Reiki, you can summon these energies to come to you and become you. With your mind, thoughts, and words attuned into your own concept of prosperity, it would surely dawn on you.

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